Filter Press


The unit consists of a strong stainless steel tank with top cover, SS handle, pressure gauge and tightening bolt. The set of SS filter plates with perforated screen, filter pads & interlocking cups are fitted in the center of the tank. It is fitted with either SS gear pump or centrifugal pump. The complete unit is mounted on SS trolley with castor wheels. The unit is provided with bypass system, safety valve and an arrangement to use the pump as transfer pump depending upon model.

Technical Details:

  • Available Model : 8″ Diameter, 14″ Diameter & 18″ Diameter with no. of plate of various size & depth.
  • All the above model are available in two type of model called as Sprakler Filter Press & Zero Holdup Sparkler Filter Press
  • With transfer facility
  • Model selection depend upon filteration area of filter press, cake holding capacity of filter press, flow rate or filteration rate & amount, size, percentage, physical & chemical properties of impurities.
  • Based on chemical properties of liquid & contaminant different material of construction (MOC) is being used namely SS304, SS316, SS316L, PP, (with Teflon coating)etc.

Salient Features of Zero Holder Filter Press:

  • Full Batch recovery of the filtrate
  • Uniform distribution of the cake on each plate
  • Complete cake retains on the plate
  • Single pass clear filtration
  • Less exposure to the operation person
  • No contamination of the internal surface of the shell

Optional Features:

  • For hot filtration application SS Jacket can be provided around and at the bottom of the shell
  • Filter Provided with centrifugal pump / Gear Pump / Lobe Pump with TEFC or FLP Motor
  • Back wash facility to take number of batches without opening the filter
  • Sight glass in tubular type can be provided at the outlet for visual check flow of filtrate