Turn Table


Turn Table is a motorized machine with platform on it. It is provided with guard & guide rail to direct & divert the bottles/ containers/ jar. The table is completely covered with SS Sheet as per GMP requirement. Turn Table is useful to ensure total synchronization, uniform flow of container and to take at 90 degree to suit different machine and purpose in automatic liquid filling line.

Operation / Working:

Container / Bottle / Jar are kept on the Turn Table manually, which will rotate on the platform / disk of turntable and exit through outlet. SS strip are provided to guide the rotating movement of bottle toward exit or outlet.

Technical Details:
  • Available in 3 Model
    • 24” Diameter
    • 36” Diameter
    • 42” Diameter
  • Two step pulley for two different speed
Salient Features:
  • Two step pulley for two different speed
  • Special self-aligning bearing ensure smooth and trouble free operation
  • Suitable different type of container/bottle
  • SS elegantly matt finished body
  • Height adjustment
Optional Features:
  • Alc Frequency Drive for variable speed
  • Acrylic Cover