Packaging Conveyor


The packing conveyor consist of stainless steel table top working area with endless sandwich belt in the center. Sufficient working space is provided on either side of the belt for final inspection & packing of bottles into the carton box.

Operation / Working:

The conveyor belt of sandwich belt bring the container/bottle/jar from the labeling/capping machine to the packing conveyor. Operator in turn pickup the container from the packing conveyor & perform visual inspection of the bottle & does the necessary action like primary packing, secondary packing, picking & placing at proper place.

Technical Details:
  • 9″ Sandwich Belt
  • 8 ft long packing conveyor
  • Direction of movement – left to right
Salient Features:
  • Two step pulley for two different speed
  • Available in various length as per customer requirement
  • GMP Requirement fulfilled
  • Adjustable height of conveyor belt, to align with other machine of the line
Optional Features:
  • Alc Frequency Drive for variable speed

Working Table


Working Table is simply a table made up of SS / MS Material.Customize as per customer requirement.

Uses/Salient Features:

Purpose of table is to provide working area at particular height in order to perform various activity of primary packing, visual inspection, picking & placing at proper place, etc.