Automatic Bottle Washing Machine

Bottel Washing Machine


Automatic bottle washing machine is designed to clean various types of glass bottles or plastic/metal containers, by subjecting to a series of distinct, processing operations. The washing is of various duration.

The machine consists of two stainless steel tanks one for hot detergent and other for fresh water. Both are fitted with independent stainless steel centrifugal pump. The hot detergent tank shall be fitted with thermostatically controlled heater. The rated capacity is approx 3600 containers/hr.


Motor for main drive: 0.5 hp 415 V, 3 Phase
Motor for pump: 1.0 hp 415 V, 3 Phase
Electric heater: 3 kw

Available Models:
  • 64 Jets
  • 96 Jets

Bottle Washing Machine

The unit consists of motorized brushing unit with two chucks to hold various size of brushes mounted on Stainless steel socking tank. One side of tank is fitted with twelve SS rinses with water tap connection.

Available Models:
  • Two – Head with 12 rinsers with SS Tank
  • Four – Head with 24 rinsers with SS Tank

Rubber Bung Washing Machine

Rubber Bung Washing machine complete with either Electric Heater or steam heating system, Basket, Inlet/outlet Valve etc. All welding by argon arc welding and the machine will have mirror finish.

Available Models:
  • M-5000 (@ 5000 bung of20 mm size) with electric heater or steam heating.
  • M-10000(@ 10000 bung of 20 mm size) with electric heater or steam heating.