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Established by the name of BVS Pharma Machines back in 1988. We manufacture semi automatic & automatic machinery in the field of liquid, cream or paste section. Our machine are suitable for Pharmaceuticals, Oils, Cosmetics, Pesticides, Gum, Phenol, Liquid Blue, Liquid Soap & any other type of free flowing Liquid.

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Who we are

The company Filltech Packaging Machines was established in the name of BVS Pharma Machinery way back in 1988. We manufacture semi automatic & automatic machinery in the field of liquid & cream section. As a group we are one of the largest manufacturers of filling, sealing machinery in India.

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What we do

Filltech Packaging Machines is concentrating in Liquid & Cream / Paste Section. Based on our focus, we have added other packaging machinery in our basket of product, which enables our customer to get all types of packaging machinery in one roof.

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Industries we serve

Pharmaceutical & Associated Industry

Pharmaceutical/Ayurvedic/Herbal/Nutraceutical Industries are critical industries, special cares are to be taken while manufacturing machinery. The machines which are manufactured for Pharmaceutical/Ayurvedic/Herbal/Nutraceutical Industries are manufactured as per GMP Standard.

Oil Industry

Oil industry is divided into various categories, we are taking special care, depending upon properties and characteristic of oil, during manufacturing of machinery. Our machines are suitable for all kinds of edible oils such as vegetable oil, olive oil, coconut oil etc. and non-edible oils such as engine oil, gear oil etc.

Agro Chemical Industry

Pesticides / Agro Chemicals / Chemicals are the products which may have different type of characteristics & properties. Based on the type of the Pesticides / Agro Chemicals / Chemical products, customer need & industry standard, we manufacture filling, sealing & other types of packaging machinery.

Paint Industry

Different types of products are available namely Exterior Paint, Oil Based Paint, Water based Paint, Emulsion Paint, Steiner, etc. Other associated products like Thinner, Turpentine, Varnish, Primer, Wood Paint, Lacquer Paint, Enamel Paint, Inks, dyes, etc.

Cosmetics / Toiletry

Cosmetics / Toiletry / Fragrances / Perfume Industry may have different types of properties and characteristics. We are specialized in manufacturing machines for liquid lipstick, conditioner, shampoo, cleansing milk, hair gel etc. and fragrance & toiletry includes products such as phenol, hand wash, perfume, aromatic oil etc.

Food & Beverages

Like Pharmaceutical Industry, Food & Beverage / Distilleries Industries are also critical industries, where special care should be taken while manufacturing the machinery. The Machinery manufacturing for Food & Beverage / Distilleries Industries are as per the GMP Food Grade Standard.


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